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The time has now come and since October, the Tor network no longer supports the old type of Tor domains.

Many sites have already switched, and more will follow for sure.

The variety of sites on the dark web continues to get bigger with more hidden sites online than ever before.

Many new markets went online and offline. Many individual sites made a site on the hidden web.

Working V3 Hidden Wiki Links

If you are looking for working v3 Hidden Wiki links check the hidden sites below:



On our main page you can find more examples of good links directories.

It is hard to tell what the future will bring for the dark web, but the technological update of the domain names was an important step for the Tor network to stay relevant.

Other dark web networks like the freenet project seem to get less attention by people, since Tor is still the best of those networks.

If you are a beginner, you should certainly just stick to Tor.

Advanced users could check out freenet, since it works completely different, it might be interesting for some people.

But be careful to not download any kind of illegal things like pictures or videos on the freenet.

The FBI is actively monitoring dark networks and trying to catch people doing bad things there.

But darknet markets are still big, even with many vendors getting in jail and customers data exposed.

There are some good trustworthy shops which are working well since many years, you can find some of them on our homepage.

The most important thing when dealing on the dark web is to use a good bitcoin wallet with an integrated mixer, like for example Onionwallet.

Using such a type of wallet, you can eliminate all traces from your bitcoin purchase on such marketplaces.

And it certainly helps to buy a dedicated laptop for Tor only, because then your personal data is not on the same device and it becomes harder to identify you.

But even with so many eyes on Tor, it is still a quite safe place for most users, as long as you are not a very big vendor.

During the covid pandemic, many people started buying their drugs on the hidden sites, which only shows that the future will be bright for the dark web.

In 2022 and beyond, the hidden wiki will provide you with only the best dark web related information, from links to articles like this.

The old days of Silk Road are gone, but the Hidden Wiki and the dark web continue to become bigger and bigger.

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