The Dark Web And Hidden Wiki Explained

The Dark Web And The Hidden Wiki Explained

The dark web has always been a place for curious people, and the hidden wiki is one of the best places to find sites on the dark web.

So called tor hidden services, where users and also the website’s servers are impossible to deanonymize.

When you start tor browser and go to some .onion URL, your connection will be routed using 6 hops of tor servers, with each of that hop not knowing you or your destination.

This gives you real privacy when you for example go to dark web markets or the hidden wiki and buy something there for crypto currency.

This is the value of bitcoin, to be able to anonymously buy stuff on the darknet.

Hidden Wiki

Then sometimes sites get shut down by law enforcement, but like a hydra, there are always more sites waiting in line for buyers and sellers to use.

That makes the dark web really anti fragile, a term Nassim Nicholas Taleb coined.

Best Places To Buy Drugs On The Dark Web

There are many dark web marketplaces, and also individual vendor shops.

You can find a large selection of those places at the front page of

Just check out the different options and see if you can find what you are looking for.

Then get some bitcoins on for example coinbase, bitstamp, binance or other exchanges and use a tumbler to mix your bitcoins before you send them to a dark web site.

It is essential to always use a good bitcoin mixer, since bitcoin is only pseudonymous and you need tools for it to be anonymous.

Make sure to have a good site with a good list of links like bookmarked, so bookmark us today.

Top 3 Markets

The best markets currently are Empire Market, Apollon Market and Hydra for russian dark web users.

Those markets have the biggest selections of goods and vendors for you to choose from and are generally trusted.

But still, there are many small shops you can check out which work just as well.


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